About Gold by Reama Malik

Having established Gold in 1987 in the United States, Reama Malik started jewelry making as a hobby for herself, family and friends. Gradually, as she became more involved in the work, she began to educate herself about the technical aspect of jewelry making. It was only once she moved back to Pakistan that she saw the potential of starting her own business after realising the big demand for traditional ‘wedding jewelry’ so decided to revive the traditional craft of KUNDAN ,diamond ‘Polki’ and ‘Meenakari’ for the first time, producing it in her own workshop in Lahore under the banner ‘Gold by Reama Malik’

Gold by Reama Malik presents one of a kind, bespoke jewelry which is designed without compromising on quality and finish. All the pieces are handcrafted in her Lahore based workshop under Reama Malik’s close scrutiny and supervision.

Reama Malik of Gold takes great pride in reviving centuries old craft of kundan and Jarao Jewellery . Each piece is handcrafted by her Karigars and master craftsmen. Only a few can compete with her quality of workmanship and personalised service. All diamonds, gems and precious stones are sourced directly from the Suppliers spread all over the world and are certified to high specifications.

Hard working and creative, Reama’s clientele gets her undivided attention where the brand will not compromise on quality and pride itself on its work ethic as someone who believes in traditions and quality.

Gold by Reama Malik is constantly breaking new frontiers by being a trendsetter who spends hour’s every day to complete a design which then goes to the workshop where her expert craftsman’s transform her vision into stunning work of art.

Gold by Reama Malik is a brand which brings love, style and rare elegance to the women who wear it.